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The British Shop is a family owned and operated business, offering service to customers around the world since 1965. Located in Buffalo, New York, we specialize in bagpipes, bagpipe accessories, bagpipe supplies, Highland wear, bagpipe music books, CDs & videos, and more. Whether you are looking to buy a kilt, clan crests, sporrans, bagpipe music, or you’d like to take us up on our exceptional kilt rental service, we use our 30-year experience to satisfy your needs with expert advice and follow-up service.


The best place we know for buying bagpiping CDs. Both online and brick & mortar.
47 South Villa Avenue in Villa Park, Illinois
Phone: 630-834-8108


Gavin Coyle, Irish male vocalist
I heard Gavin sing at a funeral recently and knew instantly that he was something special. A native of Northern Ireland and a gifted singer, if I've ever heard one. Looking for a real Irish voice? Check out his web site. You'll be as amazed as I was.

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In business since the 1970's, they've donated over $300 million to non-profit organizations like schools and churches. Great food, too. Look for their products now in Sara Lee retail stores as well as your local school.


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